Medical Social Therapy

Many clients, couples and families can benefit from Medical Social Services. Anyone experiencing health, physical, social and domestic issues at home can get the support and advice they need. Medical Social Services is a type of care program offered by Mega Health Care Providers, Inc.. It answers or alleviates health and quality of life challenges that are faced by many individuals and families. Our Medical Social Worker can assist you with:

  • Assistance in Acquiring Home Health Care Services
  • Counseling
  • Foster Care Services
  • Health Education
  • Helping Families Acquire Access to Community Resources
  • Hospital Discharge Assistance
  • Life Coaching
  • Providing Emotional Support
  • Resolving Domestic Issues
  • Resolving Family Issues

A Medical Social Worker can give you or someone you love the sound advice and professional help they need during the most fragile moments in a lifetime.